Nov 28, 2014

Leather Jacket Rules for 2014-15!

No men’s wardrobe is complete without at least 2 leather...


No men’s wardrobe is complete without at least 2 leather jackets. It’s not a question of age or size. It is a MUST! Why? Because it’s a wardrobe heritage that will never go out of fashion! It’s a big trend since 1950s.

Besides it’s so equal to biker and bad boy/though guy look, which is always the biggest attraction for women; and also guys.

Leather is sexy. Leather is quality. Leather is a man essential…

Leather jackets has always been considered to be among menswear’s greatest staples.

After saying many good things about leather I have to add that leather trousers are not as welcomed as jackets. In fact don’t wear them at all.

As I mentioned that leather jackets are in fashion since 1950s it’s tricky to keep the style updated which means that the cut of the jacket is crucial.
  1. No aviator cut
  2. Bomber style is the best!
  3. Biker jacket always cool!
  4. Coloured leather jackets are bold and trendy.
  5. No leather jackets with faux furs anywhere.

There are many ways that you can rock your leather jackets in the most trendy way.
  • Backpacks are one of the ways for an urban street look.
  • Opting for a brown leather jacket is an easy way to lend vintage-inspired design.
  • Trainers or cool biker boots would be the clever choices with your leather jacket.
  • Beanies. It’s not just with leather jackets. Always wear a beanie in winter. That’s what cool guys do. :)
  • Combine it with your office look. It looks really good. (You can see how it is done by Benjamin Eidem)


Benjamin Eidem lensed by Laclan Bailey
for the FW13 campaign of Boss Orange.

Here are my favorites for men's leather jackets for 2014-15:

ETO Jeans UK

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