Dec 16, 2013

Stockroom's Leather Goods Holiday Gift Guide

1. Transit Issue Key Chain Image via Apolis 2. Deerskin...

1. Transit Issue Key Chain

Image via Apolis

2. Deerskin Driver Glove

Image via Tanner Goods

3. Dopp Kit

Image via Teranishi

4. Tradesman Wallet

Image via Tanner Goods

4. Tradesman Wallet

Image via Tanner Goods

5. Mineral Umber Camp Blanket

Image via Need Supply Co.

6. Leather Backpack

Image via Lotuff Leather

7. Peacoat Varsity


Guys, because I’m completely sure you haven’t laid eyes on a gift guide yet this month, and because if you’re anything like myself and have yet to purchase a single thing, here is one devoted (as a lot of things are on Stockroom) to leather goods. A wallet to the parents is a gift that literally keeps on giving, especially if you’re giving it to my mom–love ya, mom–so why not ensure it’s the best wallet she’s ever had the privilege of owning.

1. Transit Issue Key Chain from Apolis

Apolis is a brand based out of LA spending as much time trying to better this crackpot of a world as they do producing quality leather goods. They make it a point to work with old-school, traditional craftsman, providing an economy from which these craftsman will benefit and rolling out the best key chains you’ll gift this xmas.

2. Deerskin Driver Gloves from Tanner Goods

We didn’t name Tanner Goods the best leather retailer for kicks. They produce what I consider to be the most functional and luckily, the most practical wallet on the market. Which is fantastic for us because that means we don’t have to be vain pieces of shit who own cool wallets because they look cool meanwhile the card slot is a fraction smaller than the cards! They also make flawless deerskin driving gloves, so.

3. Dopp Kit from Teranishi

If there is one thing on this list you should get for the kempt guy in your life–or maybe the guy you wish maintained his toiletries because now said toiletries are spilling into your designated bathroom space and if you start willingly allowing cross-contamination of one another’s bathroom supply you might as well just pack up your shit and head back to the cave–it’s this dopp kit.

4. Tradesman Wallet from Tanner Goods

I was’t kidding two seconds ago when I said this is the best wallet you’ll ever own. Over the weekend I dropped by a pop-up flea while I was in New York, in which Tanner Goods was in attendance and I had the chance to chat with a dude that makes the thing. Apparently, from start to finish, if one works continuously, it’s a six hour job, which I took solace in knowing, maybe you won’t, I don’t know. It’s pretty though, right?

5. Mineral Umber Camp Blanket from Pendleton

If you have somehow budgeted to get one gift that financially makes absolutely no sense, but aesthetically, and maybe even practically, makes far more sense, this is the camp blanket for you. Under normal circumstances, I would never suggest paying 119 dollars for a blanket, but the overzealous consumerism of Christmas is no ordinary circumstance!

6. Leather Backpack from Lotuff Leather

If you have a biker in your family that you love more than 1500 dollars, you should 100 percent get them this leather backpack from Lotuff Leather. Not unlike getting to chat with the dudes of Tanner Goods, I had the pleasure of taking a look at this guy up close and I can confirm: it is the manifestation of a dream.

7. Peacoat Varsity from NEEDS/WANTS

The grail of this gift guide: Sean Brown’s peacoat varsity. Purchasing this jacket for anyone will guarantee they’re affection for you will increase two-fold, and should you’re relationship allow for such a thing, you will make all the love. The jacket is part of a holiday roll-out from Brown’s brand NEEDS/WANTS.

There you have it, seven last minute gifts that will make the receiver think you spent three months agonizing over what to get them.

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