Feb 01, 2015

Layering, The Only Sport I'm Good At

Photo by @JaniceThiTran Jacket- Frank & Oak | Vest- Uniqlo | Pants- J.Lindeberg  Shirt- Eton | Sunglasses- John Varvatos | Shoes-Hydrogen-1 |...







Photo by @JaniceThiTran
Jacket- Frank & Oak  VestUniqlo |  PantsJ.Lindeberg 
Shirt- Eton | SunglassesJohn Varvatos | Shoes-Hydrogen-1 | Tie- DIBI

So, where do we start? Do we first discuss Katy Perry's flaming hot custom Jeremy Scott number and killer halftime performance featuring throwbacks like Lenny Kravitz & Missy Elliott?! Or, how about that one time that football got real, real exciting, like WWE exciting, when that fight broke out. This super bowl had my heart racing like that one time I was at the Hermes Sample sale. Moving on to way important things. Today's forecast we are expecting long wool topcoats, puffer vests, flannel trousers and wooly ties, oh, and of course, the white stuff that makes everyone real happy, SNOW, that is (gosh). If layering wasn't my favorite sport, I would despise the winter season. 

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