Feb 24, 2014

A formal wardrobe with a hint of Plaid

Lately I’ve been wearing jeans and formal pants for most...









Lately I’ve been wearing jeans and formal pants for most part. So, I decided it was about time I give my jeans a rest and pick up my favorite dark blue chinos. Colored chinos are so versatile, comfortable, stylish and looks good with different outfits. Since in this whole shoot I wanted to give off bit of a relaxed and laid back look I opted for navy blue loafers and decided to go sockless. I paired darker colored blue chinos against lighter khaki colored jacket to balance the colors and give a nice contrast look. I’m a fan of knit ties and love wearing them during winters so it was natural decision for me to pick dark blue knit tie. I would say that this dress wear is good for most semi formal places and trendy casual places. This is something I definitely wear when I’m out with friends for a night out in a club or a get together at some fine restaurant. It’s kinda easy to go with blue if you want to play safe with colors since most men look good in blue and suits just about anyone. Give this look a try and I’m quite sure you will be one dapper gentlemen. Happy Reading
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