May 28, 2013

LA’s Secret Cocktail Party

It’s been too long. You need a really good cocktail....

The Whaling Club - Cocktails

It’s been too long. You need a really good cocktail. Scratch that, three really good cocktails. It’s also been too long since you had those cocktails with a small group of strangers at a private party in a Los Angeles apartment. Wait, you’ve never done that — until now. Welcome to The Whaling Club, an intimate cocktail party serving up a 3 drink tasting menu hosted by Dan Scott, an ex-New York City bartender, and Marie Buck, his photographer fiancé.

The Whaling Club - Fresh Ingredients

Once a month, Dan and Marie open up their inviting West Hollywood apartment to a group of 20 people (reservations only) and serve up three sophisticated sips to all. Working in the kitchen, Dan starts each drink with a foundation of hand-cut ice which he sources from perfectly clear 300 pound blocks. He then crafts classic, creative, and quality-centric cocktails like the Silver Barbados Fizz (aged rum, lemon, sugar, egg white, and soda), the Southside Royale (gin, lime, sugar, mint, and champagne), and the Rio Alamo (anjeo tequila, creme de cacao, and mole bitters).

Cocktail Connoisseur Bonus:

Dan describes and shares his recipe for a Cherry Caipirita, one of the tequila cocktails I drank while at The Whaling Club.

The Whaling Club Oysters

To compliment the liquid menu, gatherings occasionally feature something small to snack on, like shucked oysters and chilled mussels dished out by Frank Anderson, the chef de cuisine of LA’s Son of a Gun restaurant.

Need to Know

How to Attend:

  1. Find out about The Whaling Club. ✓
  2. Email requesting a spot for you (and a guest) at their next monthly gathering.
  3. Requests are first come, first served. So if you’re lucky, you’ll get a email confirming your spot at the next event.

The Setting:

  • A beautiful apartment tucked away in West Hollywood.
  • It may feel strange arriving at the apartment of someone you’ve never met, but don’t worry, Dan and Marie are very friendly.

The Details:

  • Arrive between 8 – 8:30pm.
  • Suggested gratuity is $40 per person (you’d pay more at a bar for 3 cocktails of this quality).
  • The atmosphere is casual and it’s drink at your own pace. Whenever you’re ready for cocktails number 1, 2, and 3, Dan and Marie will hook you up.

Photo Credit:Marie Buck Photography

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