Jan 19, 2014

Lads Only: Finding The Geek In A/W 14 Fashion Week

If there's one thing that stirs my inner geek, its...

If there's one thing that stirs my inner geek, its fashion week. And despite my recent blog absence (I swear I'll make it up to you with baked cookies), I couldn't resist indulging in London and Paris' runway treasures, especially the looks that remind me of my current geek obsessions. Cuz if there's anything that The Ralphnerd celebrates, it's the union of chic and geek.


1. 3.1 Phillip Lim = My Little Pony Obsession - Aside from dinosaurs, comic books and hot guys - I'm absolutely smitten with horses. So that gorgeous leather sweatshirt above was my number one pick from the Phillip Lim show. The vibe of the show? Nothing short of the cool kids (leather jackets, baggy pants and bomb accessories) table at your fashion high school. Because everyone went to fashion high school, right?



2. Alexander Wang Introduces Us to Decepticon Nation- Why be an Autobot when the Decepticons have all the fun? If Wang didn't prove futuristic is the new black, then I'm not enthralled beyond words with this collection. Lies, clearly. Wang's collection demonstrates just how stylish world domination can be, not that I'd be interested in world domination or anything........



3. Thundercats & Balmain Are a Thing Now - Animal print has been a lasting trend in the world of menswear, and like a European lover, I'm hoping it sticks around - especially in the case of the usually Militant-inspired Balmain. Kudos to Olivier Rousteing (Balmain's creative director) for embracing the wild side and trying something unpredictable for the french design house.


4. Saint Laurent Paris Are The New Men In Black - Black shades and black leather pants are a menswear blogger's sartorial dream, add the silver brogues and the high low open trench and you've got something extraterrestrial on your hands. Here's hoping Will Smith doesn't appear at your doorstep with a neuralyzer.



5. The Little Rascals Grew Up (via) McQ by Alexander McQueen - The 90's as told by the It Girl is considerably one of the best decades for music, pop culture and at times fashion. The McQ collection is fresh, bad ass and filled with a plethora of trouble-making pieces worth diving into. The only thing thats missing? A Boys Only clubhouse. Color me obsessed!


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