Nov 20, 2013

La Fonction no. 1 | The Travelling Desk

La Fonction no. 1 – the inaugural product and manifesto...

La Fonction no. 1

La Fonction no. 1 – the inaugural product and manifesto for an emerging catalogue – reinvents the travelling office! Inspired by the ways early photographers protected themselves from the light and guided by their experience of mobility, they designed La Fonction no. 1 – a mobile workstation carrying all your essential tools which folds out to create micro-partitions to enclose the space and create a comfortable and private workstation. Reflecting the rise in nomadism and digital, at a time when the way we view the office is changing radically, La Fonction no. 1 allows you to carry and protect your laptop, as well as offering much more besides.

La Fonction n1 Travelling Desk Black leather

La Fonction Travelling Desk 2013

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