May 26, 2015

Meet k.n.s Copenhagen, Your New Favorite Scandinavian Design Brand

k.n.s. is a design studio out of Copenhagen, and in true Scandinavian fashion, it's minimalist perfection.


Readers of LSoD will know that Scandinavian is a huge trend with the fashion, food, interiors and lifestyle arenas and also that I am a big advocate and fan of Scandi Design. Many of these brands are coming from Copenhagen, and one Danish interiors and home accessories brand I am really getting behind is k.n.s. The creation of Kristian Lindhardt Nørhave (above), a design alumni of Designskolen Kolding in Denmark, k.n s. is a Copenhagen based design studio founded in 2012 that works in the classic Scandinavia minimalism, with a playful approach that brings the Scandinavian style into our time.

The Scandinavian style and quality is widely known, it is easily recognised for its pure lines, simple colouring and elegant expression and Kristian Lindhardt Nørhave is a strong a part of the next generation to bring the Scandinavian inherited into a new area. These pieces are my selection of favourites from the k.n.s web store, from small pieces of simple storage design to conceptual furniture which capture the very essence of Scandi design that I admire. Kristian Lindhardt Nørhave is definitely one to watch, and look forward to seeing more of his work later this year when I am next in Copenhagen.






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