Nov 07, 2013

Klingg Magnetic Earphone Cord Holder

Being an earphone/headphone cord is a somewhat thankless job. In...


Being an earphone/headphone cord is a somewhat thankless job. In a sense, it is the middle man between the magic happening in your favorite device, and its interpretation that is whispered gently and lovingly (and sometimes ferociously) through your ears.

Klingg understands the importance of this umbilical cord of life giving sound, and gives it a place of honor against your body, where it can steer clear of obstacles and possible damage. It also looks classy and stylish, with an array of color combinations to choose from.


From my own experience, I can say that I like having Bluetooth headphones at the gym, or while running. However, that is not always a viable option. We all have a certain taste in our music, and limiting yourself to Bluetooth-only earphones/headphones can be… well, rather limiting.

For instance, if I am in the mood to rock my wired Street’s by Fiddy, that beautiful blue cord would normally be in the way during most activities, so I probably wouldn’t bother. However, if I snap the Klingg Magnetic Earphone Cord Holder on my shirt, it opens up the possibility to use any type of headphones with my favorite activities.

Klingg keeps the cord from swinging around while I’m active, and it also secures the cord, relieving some of its weight. So, if you routinely suffer from ear buds falling out of your ears, the Klingg can actually help them stay in by holding up the cord, leaving the only real weight being the buds themselves.

I have tried these out for about two weeks, and I like them. The Neodymium magnet that holds it on your clothing (or jacket) is plenty strong, and its shape makes it easy to remove when I’m ready to put them away.

Some things may seem so simple, that you may have a tendency to overlook them as unnecessary. However, in this case–simple is just what you want.

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