Feb 21, 2015

K&L Glenfarclas and Single Malt Whisky Society 36.82

Fairly recently K&L got in 2 exclusive, and amazing, Glenfarclas...

K and L Glenfarclas and SMWS Benrinnes

Fairly recently K&L got in 2 exclusive, and amazing, Glenfarclas whiskies along with an exclusive 17 year old Cask Strength Benrinnes (Single Malt Whisky Society 36.82). I was lucky enough to have a friend who supplied me with some samples. After trying them I decided they were worth talking about here on this little ole’ whiskey blog; which is happening right… now.


Glenfarclas “The Faultline Casks” K&L Exclusive First Fill Oloroso Sherry Casks Single Malt Whisky
Price: $110     ABV: 57.4%

  • Nose: Chocolate covered nuts and fruit with sherry overtones and almond biscotti undertones. There is a freshness to the nose that’s wonderful and if you add a little water notes of dried dark fruit and a light spice emerge.
  • Palate: Chocolate covered almond biscotti. Sherry with a touch of citrus and nutty undertones. Water brings out some cherry heavy dark fruit, malty notes and a candy shell sweetness.
  • Finish: Long winding fade of sherry, coca, spice, wood and malty sweetness.
  • Overall: B+ (87-89) This is some fantastic ‘farclas. A combination of three casks in the 9-10 year range this whisky has everything you want in a good sherried Highland Scotch. Including a round body and heavy oily feel.


1990 Glenfarclas K&L Exclusive Single Malt Whisky
Price: $170     ABV: 50%

  • Nose: Oh my my this is nice. Fruity, grapey, winey, yummy and silky. That’s probably not a whole lot of help, but how about if I tell you it also has notes of rich dark fruit like cherries, blackberries and blueberries that ride along with notes of vanilla, sherry and a light honey and cocoa.
  • Palate: Sherried malt awesomeness with notes of wood, spice, vanilla, dark fruit leather and a toasted nuttiness with a bit of black licorice coming through at the end.
  • Finish: Long and driven by sherried toasty notes and dark fruit with some light hints of spice, ash and wood.
  • Overall: A- (90-92) Thick heavy sherry that fills the senses and coats the mouth and esophagus. This 24 year old Glenfarclas carries some serious weight and comes through with a heavy handed, yet balanced dollop of flavor.


SMWS 36.82 Benrinnes 17 Year Old “Rare Release” Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky
Price: $150     ABV: 59.11%

  • Nose: Sweet delicious fruity desert notes like vanilla, cider spice, green apples, lemon zest and Orange Creamsicles. Light hints of malt and toasted pasty float in the background.
  • Palate: It’s like a sweet french pastry stuffed with apples, covered in vanilla and honey and sprinkled with citrus zest. Some lighter notes of caramel, brown sugar, thyme and malt arrive just before the finish.
  • Finish: Long and sweetly malted with bits of citrus, apples, honey & wood coming along for the ride.
  • Overall: A- (90-92) It’s just an all around awesome whisky with a rich thick texture and round smooth body that makes it a stellar dram from start to finish. Love it love it love it.


All three of these were utterly fantastic and I loved the opportunity I got to try them. If you like what you’re reading click on any of the links above and it’ll take you right to the shop and no I’m not getting paid or compensated in any way, shape or form to say this / that. Should the day ever come it will be disclosed, but right now I just love supporting good local businesses ran by great people.


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