Apr 17, 2014

Keeping Suits Cool: Bonobos S/S 14

It's getting to be that time of year again... We...

It's getting to be that time of year again... We all know what's coming, and if last weekend was any indication of how hot this summer is going to be, we're in for a scorcher. However, just because you'd rather spend every day at the beach and not in the office doesn't make it so, and at some point you will have to get dressed for work this summer.... or that wedding- and we all know how that feels.

It's not your fault. You're happy for them. The outdoor wedding with the sun shining in the hot August heat- it's the dream. Everyone's there, everyone's sticky, everyone's fidgety, no one can see, but everyone's happy for them- this is their day. It's the happiest day of their life, but all you're thinking about is when the ceremony will be over and you can rush under that beautiful, inviting tent and grab a cold one or a chunk of ice- really anything cold will work at this point. Hold on- what if we approached this from a different angle?  

What if you dressed appropriately? What if you were able to find something that would make you just that little bit cooler- and cooler looking? What if instead of grumbling with the others, you were actually able to be happy for your friends on this their happiest day? That's the dream and Bonobos is your genie. 
There's no three wishes or a magic lamp, but if feeling and looking cooler is your goal, then Bonobos is your genie. With 11 different options for summer suits, Bonobos has you covered. Offering everything from linen-cotton to cotton to seersucker to chambray to a lightweight super 110's wool, what more could you want when it comes to living well in the summer heat?
Plus, if the lighter weight wasn't enough to get you clicking over to Bonobos and browsing, then this should- versatility. As much I do not advocate splitting suits into separates and wearing them at different times, summer suiting is an entirely different animal. The textures are much more conducive in their ability to be worn apart. 

Take the navy seersucker (above)- a classic fabric with an updated look, smooth wear, and great texture (below). For the wedding- wear the suit as one. For a night out, wear the jacket with a pair of khakis and a white linen shirt. For a walk about town, pair the trousers sockless with white bucks, a linen shirt, and a linen sport coat. The possibilities are endless!


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