Jan 12, 2014

Katie Eary AW2014

For Fall 2014 Katie Eary created her own Cult with...

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For Fall 2014 Katie Eary created her own Cult with strong punk references. She used Disney iconography (as well as Abley at the MAN show) and gave it a vicious twist, giving the whole show a very sinister feeling. The clothes featured a lot of tartan as part of the Punk influence while bondage harnesses and illusionary strait-jackets sleeves forcing a vampire pose put a strong element of brutality into the line.

“I wanted to take the essence of punk – and more importantly the 70s Seditionaries – which was traditionally home-made…and create this aesthetic with one of the finest tailors on Savile Row, Richard Anderson. Kind of doing punk in reverse.” – Katie Eary (via Dazed)


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