Oct 04, 2013

Kai Aakmann // SoHo, NYC

Kai Aakmann // SoHo, NYC Okay so I had a...





Kai Aakmann // SoHo, NYC

Okay so I had a chance to preview Kai Aakmann’s Fall collection and I have to say I am very very impressed. This is the Korean brand’s second season (i believe) in the states and this collection is really cool. This parka was my absolute favorite. The materials were really good, quality; construction was strong. The details on the jacket were really nice; nothing too crazy, and not so boring. The real leather elbow patches were a good addition. Now looking at this and then actually feeling it, I thought the jacket would retail a little less than $1,000. When I asked what the price was I was told it’s only $500! $500 for a quality parka that’s gonna last you more than a season is REALLY amazing. Definitely gonna try to pick this up to put into the rotation with my Uniqlo parka.

I will have more updates on this brand in the coming weeks. Don’t sleep on Kai Aakmann.

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