Apr 29, 2015

Celebrity Chef Jordan Andino on Working the Line and What He Wears Outside the Kitchen

Meet Jordan Andino, the genius behind Harlow's in the Hamptons and rising celebrity chef.


You may have seen upcoming celebrity chef Jordan Andino on the Food Network with Bobby Flay. You may have seen him on TV with the Kardashians. He is now the Executive Chef for Harlow’s up in the Hamptons. I had the chance to talk with him about his career and his style.

Alan: Jordan, you are a busy guy, what’s new with you?
Jordan: Currently I’m filming Food Network Canada’s Chef in Your Ear coming this fall. I am also starting up as the new Executive Chef for Harlow’s at Hampton Sag Harbor.

My goal, since I was 15, was to have own restaurant by the time I was 25. However, I am very happy with where I am now. I really want to be a respected chef more than a celebrity but it all helps me reach more people.

Alan: When and where did you get the passion for being a chef?
Jordan: I went from Toronto to LA at 9 to spend summers with dad who was a chef. I started prepping food by 15. I was with dad as a chef thru college and had worked every station in restaurant. At that point I knew more than many adults.

There are a lot of creative minds in professional kitchens but not always business minds. I am both as a result of my experience and my education from Cornell. I have now been a chef for 6 years. I am focused on efficiencies and personnel to give a higher level of service. It’s my job to give investors a better bottom line.

Alan: When you order a cocktail right now, what is it?
Jordan: If I am out with the guys it’s a Guinness. If it’s just chill timeI will have a whiskey; something with a peat taste like Bowmore. If it’s a party or a date I’ll have a classic Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

Alan: What is your personal clothing style when not in chef coat?
Jordan: It depends on the time of year. For winter, spring and fall I am very fashionable; I’ll wear tight jeans, fitted shirts and tailored jackets. For summer I become the California beach bum with tanks, shorts, sandals.

Thanks to Jordan for taking the time to talk. In case you were wondering, he did used to be a model when he was a kid. We look forward to more from Jordan as his new series launches this year.

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