Jan 18, 2015

John Varvatos Fall/Winter 2015 Men's Collection

John Varvatos has always sought to distinguish his contributions to...

John Varvatos has always sought to distinguish his contributions to men's fashion from everyone else's by creating looks that were rich with edginess, sharp tailoring and refined fabrics. And, this season he doesn't disappoint with his new fall and winter 2015 line "A Dandy in New York", the styles are classic Varvatos and they represent everything that has made him a maverick in the industry.

“A Dandy in New York,” is how John Varvatos describes his Fall/Winter 2015 men’s collection. “I was inspired by Bob Dylan in the Sixties, his influence went beyond his music and reached a stylish and timeless elegance. Dylan could be any cool young guy today in the iconic Richard Avedon photo, walking with a contemporary awareness of style and ease. The Poet’s Walk in New York’s Central Park is the ideal scenario for this collection, created for the guy who wants to dress up, mixing rocker chic wardrobe pieces and elements of a masculine and utilitarian aesthetic. The result is a unique and evergreen figure, characterized by details and accents that become synonymous with a sophisticated, yet casual concept of cool elegance. A well-defined silhouette, simultaneously perfect and comfortable with soft and intense fabrics, refined colors and precious and energetic accessories, draws a perfect and constantly flawless figure.”

A yearning for ease, spontaneity and an everlasting naturalness dominates the Fall/Winter collection, which is a celebration of a universal way of being dandy, of lightness and of a quintessentially casualness of masculine attitude. The idea of an informal and stylish man and a wardrobe with innovative energy this season is multiplied and reinforced with the iconic John Varvatos sophisticated rock-n-roll sensibility. The silhouette is sleek and strong, yet constantly comfortable with unexpected accents: trousers are cut shorter to show boot details and paired with slightly long single-breasted jackets to complete the solid look, giving it a youthful patina of elegance.

Elements of formal wardrobe are interpreted in new and precious alternation: suits are enriched with hand beading on jacket lapels and on the side of sartorial-cut trousers. Utilitarian details on solid, but still modernized on jackets, punctuate the cosmopolitan figure. Jacquard fabrics express the dandy attitude, as well as, irregular and shifting dots printed in cashmere to strengthen timeless suits and warm knits. Trousers add a proud patina to the look: stretch leather jeans are paired with flawless camel coats or with cashmere-wool sweaters enriched by leather finishing, thus creating an assertively tough twist.

The play of texture completes the idea of a return to a kind of formal casualness with a constant dash of toughness and youth; the clean lines are intensified by the firm focus on the fabrics. Hand stained leather; suede and extra-light shearling evoke an easy attitude in a new, sophisticated, yet everyday life interpretation. Sleek and modern short coats are worn on top of suits: a light nappa leather, as well as, tweed or plaid cashmere sport urban details like zippers or soft leather belts. This gives a visual emphasis on the waist. Motorbike jackets punctuate the outwear pieces as a celebration of this loose, romantic attitude. Knitwear completes many outfits adding a dash of fantasy: sweaters in salt-and-pepper create a wool effect; masculine turtlenecks are worn under classic suits or biker jackets, as well as, formal coats.

The colors span from classic black to charcoal tones, as well as, chocolate, wine and tobacco. The palette is highlighted by sober and elegant camel and natural vicuna colors; intense greys and nightly tones dominate the whole collection. Fabrics are precious, yet roughly lived in, intense and tactile: wool, cashmere, nappa leather, shearling, suede, brushed vacchetta and embossed calfskin give a rich textured quality to create a timeless, yet unexpected mix for a forward-looking, masculine figure.

Accessories complete this flawless yet relaxed look. A new silhouette for boots features a narrow toe, metal chunky zippers and strong unexpected sculpted heels done in suede, burnished leathers and rich fabrics from tailoring to strengthen the stylish allure, in addition to iconic leather motorcycle boots enriched with metal details. Leopard printed weekend bags, fingerless gloves in leather or dark wool, and checked top hats enrich the confident look. Oversized, Dylan inspired sunglasses and sartorial tweed guitar cases are the final elements to add a stylish twist.


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