Feb 09, 2015

How to Get Joe Manganiello's Magic Mike-Worthy Body

Is Joe Manganiello the country's hottest male? Women everywhere are betting yes. Here's how to channel the Magic Mike actor's fitness routine and diet plan.

The women seem to be going crazy with the release, earlier last week, of the trailer for Magic Mike XXL. What’s one of the main reasons? Joe Manganiello is reprising his role as Big Dick Richie in the sequel, out July 1. For those who don’t know, Magic Mike XXL is the continuation of the first movie that tells the story of a male stripper, Magic Mike, interpreted by Channing Tatum. Let’s take a look at Joe Manganiello diet and workout:

Joe Manganiello is the man we all wish we could be at least for a day. He is engaged to Sophia Vergada, has one of the best bodies in Hollywood and is making a ton of money with Magic Mike, his documentary “La Bare” and his book Evolution released last December. What else can you wish for? Lol. While we can’t all have Miss Vergara and a ton o money, we can definitely have a killer body.

joe and sophia

Joe Manganiello did not get his insanely ripped body overnight, he has clocked in years of dieting and working out but he definitely had to make changes and work harder to achieve the lean and ripped body he is showing in the movie. He reveals most of his diet and workout beliefs in his book Evolution. According to him, that was the plan he followed to get ready for the movie. He also stated in an interview that his goal for the movie was to “be straight-up ripped and shredded.” So here are some tips and advise, based on Manganiello’s book and some of his interviews, to help you achieve your best body this year:

1-Set goals, strive to achieve it and don’t make excuses.

According to Manganiello “evolution is a mind set….never cut corners or make excuses”. He states also that failure is the foundation of success and that we should embrace it, feel it and use it as fuel for our goals. The 37-year-old actor and fitness guru strongly believes that it all starts in our minds, which we can all agree with. He has a very interesting story of how he returned to a healthy and fit lifestyle. He wrote that after his role as Flash in Spider-Man 2002 he didn’t act for four years because he got deeply involved in drinking, smoking and partying. He said that he thought he already had own the lottery and reached the sky. He then became depressed because of his stagnant career and even admitted to having suicidal thoughts. Turns out that in that period he also became homeless and an alcoholic. In 2002 he decided to get sober after realizing he did not want to through his life away. That’s when he began his healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle not only meant eating right and exercising but also meant stopping to drink, smoke and think negative thoughts. Soon after he was on the right track, his career took off again.

2- Don’t become comfortable with being average. Strive to reach your full potential.

images-mf-209954-176573- Eat a clean diet. On a recent interview for ET about the prep for the movie, Channing Tatum stated, “we are killing ourselves diet wise”. In his book Evolution, Manganiello is very clear about the need to eat a clean diet and remain consistent. For the role in Magic Mike he was on a low carb Paleo style diet. He states that a simple diet is always better and that he does not count calories. He does cut the carbs and loads on protein, which includes whey protein and supplementation with glutamine. He usually eats the same foods and follows the same workout routine every day ( not the same exercises ). His daily menu includes Paleo friendly foods such as eggs, chicken, salmon, leafy greens and protein drinks.

4-Cut all the sugar including sugar substitutes (which is part of a clean diet but I wanted to highlight this point!). Joe believes most diet mistakes begins and ends with sugar.

5-Give your max during your workouts. Joe Manganiello is working out twice a day, six days a week for the role. He seems to be doing routines similar to circuit training. He says: “I focus less on increasing weight and raise the intensity by doing more reps and resting less. In other words, the philosophy is constant motion…”. This is in order to get ripped instead of just big which is what most of us want.

joe manganiello workout

6-Incorporate cardio in your routine. Most guys prefer to lift weights and forget about the cardio but Joe Manganiello strongly believes in cardio and that only diet and cardio will make you see the muscles in your midsection. He does cardio everyday.

Manganiello keeps his mind positive. His diet is clean and simple; he lifts heavy and does cardio daily. That seems to be his recipe for success. It’s refreshing to see that even those that we think are and were always perfect have flaws and struggles just as the rest of us. From his book: “This is the foundation of evolution: its an exercise in being present and a lesson that will carry over in every aspect of your life… Stay present, focused and active”.

source: Manganiello, J. (21014). Evolution: The Cutting Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted.

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