Feb 20, 2013

Jeremy Scott Goes Berserk on adidas Originals… Again

The shoe you prefer from Jeremy Scott‘s latest adidas Originals...


The shoe you prefer from Jeremy Scott‘s latest adidas Originals onslaught says a lot about you. Let’s break it down.

The JS Street Ball ($200 USD):  You’re a colorful character, and appreciate the mishmash of color and texture on this shoe’s upper (pearlized snakeskin! zebra!) Also, you are thirsty for attention.

The Nizza ($120):  You’re always on the move, as signified by the subtle-but-kinetic flanges spewing off this shoe’s heel panel.

The JS Letters ($200):  You’ve got a split personality, but together they make sense. Just like this shoe, emblazoned with “ADI” and “DAS” in massive black leather letters.

The JS Wings ($200):  You’re a chameleon, but a flamboyant one. Also, you are even thirstier for attention than the dude who bought the Street Ball.

The Instinct Hi ($200): You’re Scottish. Well plaid. 

The JS Poodle ($200):  I don’t even… I don’t know. You like dogs?

Buy ‘em all at Kith NYC‘s webstore right now.


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