Jeremy Scott Goes Berserk on adidas Originals… Again

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The shoe you prefer from Jeremy Scott‘s latest adidas Originals onslaught says a lot about you. Let’s break it down.

The JS Street Ball ($200 USD):  You’re a colorful character, and appreciate the mishmash of color and texture on this shoe’s upper (pearlized snakeskin! zebra!) Also, you are thirsty for attention.

The Nizza ($120):  You’re always on the move, as signified by the subtle-but-kinetic flanges spewing off this shoe’s heel panel.

The JS Letters ($200):  You’ve got a split personality, but together they make sense. Just like this shoe, emblazoned with “ADI” and “DAS” in massive black leather letters.

The JS Wings ($200):  You’re a chameleon, but a flamboyant one. Also, you are even thirstier for attention than the dude who bought the Street Ball.

The Instinct Hi ($200): You’re Scottish. Well plaid. 

The JS Poodle ($200):  I don’t even… I don’t know. You like dogs?

Buy ‘em all at Kith NYC‘s webstore right now.


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