Feb 05, 2015

January Favorites.

  1.  Jazmine Sullivan's album, Reality Show - Let me...


1.  Jazmine Sullivan's album, Reality Show - Let me tell you, this girl is talented.  Not only is she a vocal powerhouse, but her lyricism is CRAZY.  She tells vivid stories with plots and characters, and it all just flows.  I'm also into the late 70's, early 80s trend going on in music right now, and she has a few songs that bring me right back to the disco.  GREAT album!

2. Cord-Tassel Hat from Forever 21 - I've been looking for a navy hat, and I stumbled on this one while searching Forever 21's website.  I actually found this hat in their women's section -- so the fit is a little weird (my head is huge), but I am going to find a way to make it work.  It just a nicely crafted hat and only $15.90.  

3. Crevo Boots - I've actually spoke about these boots in a past favorites post, but more-so about the fact that I found them for $60 cheaper than original price on Ebay.  Since then, I have worn these boots OUT.  They have become my definite go-to when I want to bump-up a simple t-shirt and jeans look.  

4. The Defining Decade, by Meg Jay - Sometimes you need a good motivational push to start that new project, pursue new relationships, or to advance professionally.  This book gives so many great tools on how to make the most of your 20's so that all those things can be possible. Great read for all of us near our quarter-life crises.

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