May 25, 2013

Jack Hancock’s Ghost

(Image thanks to Sportsgirl’s National Graduation Award) Jack’s sketches –...

(Images thanks to Sportsgirl's National Graduation Award)

(Image thanks to Sportsgirl’s National Graduation Award)

Jack's sketches

Jack’s sketches – ‘The Ghost’

I apologise for letting this collection sit on my desktop for so long, but now feels like the perfect time to discuss it. Jack Hancock was one of the finalists for Sportsgirl’s National Graduate Award at L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival earlier this year; his ‘Skin, Integrity & The Ghost’ collection referenced the Edwardian period. Split into three trichotomous components which form its title, the collection dissects the art of dressing according to textiles. ‘Skin’ acts as a second-skin, using bias-cut wool cut with a t-shirt block; ‘Integrity’ plays on layering in order to give body to the ghost, while ‘The Ghost’ declares the “death of tailoring” with ominous, tailoired pieces to cloak the layers underneath.

Hancock’s graduate collection is the reason for my belief that it’s always the young designers worse work is most impressive. He has taken a very early notion of dressing, quite literally deconstructed it and breathed new life into it, and for that I can’t help but feel captivated.

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