Feb 24, 2014

Invergordon 25 Review – Total Wine and More Exclusive Casks

Invergordon 25 is a bit rare not because it’s old,...

Invergordon 25 Review

Invergordon 25 is a bit rare not because it’s old, but because it’s a single grain whisky and unlike it’s single malt brethren, it isn’t something you come across everyday. It gets the single designation because it comes from just one distillery and not because it’s made with just one single kind of grain. When making grain whisky the distilleries will use whatever grains they can get their hands on. Corn, rye, wheat, barley, etc. and typically grain whiskey is used to cut and balance blended whisky which is a blend of single malts and grain whisky.

As a distillery Invergordon isn’t very well known. It’s not one of the big single malt or blending houses and on the whole is quite young. Located in the Scottish Highlands Invergordon started distilling grain whisky in 1961 and the vast majority of what it creates goes towards making blended whisky (which is 90% of the Scotch industry) and sets aside only a small amount to be aged and released as single grain Scotch.

Overall I enjoyed this whisky and thought it was very unique. It had some aroma and flavor profiles that I don’t typically find in single malts and it had a fantastic character all it’s own. A little unbalanced with the sweet notes hanging a bit heavy on the nose and palate it was a great tasting experience nonetheless. All in all a fine example of just how good Scottish grain whisky can be.

Have you had this or any other Invergordon or Scottish grain whisky? Add your thoughts in the comments below.

Invergordon 25 Review

ABV: 53.9%
Price: $100 (Total Wine and More)
Distiller: Invergordon

Mild gold

Butterscotch greeted my olfactory first followed by a good amount of wood which one would expect after having spend two and a half decades in casks. Along with the butterscotch and wood were some hints of raw sugar, toasted bread and an overall nutty underpinning to the whole aroma.

Butterscotch again leaps out onto the palate along with a good dose of vanilla and a kick of ethanol accompanied by hints of chocolate, caramel and a nonspecific citrus.

Mild and buttery feel that was in complete opposition to the high ABV.

Medium finish filled with butterscotch, but this time it was paired with tropical fruit, sugar and buttered wheat toast. An interesting finish to an interesting whisky.

SCORE: NA – I tried this one at a SoCal Whiskey Club tasting and wasn’t able to spend enough time with it to give it a score, but it ranked #8 / 8 for the night.

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