Apr 01, 2015

An Interview with French Underwear Maker Guillaume Gibault

An interview with Guillaume Gibault, founder of leading French underwear brand Le Slip Francais.

Here's one more reason to love the French: Le Slip Francais. They started out as an underwear brand and have expanded their line to include t-shirts, shorts, bags and more. They have just opened a pop-up shop in L.A and are waiting for you to make your way over to check them out. Founder Guillaume Gibault answered a few of my questions about his adventures in the United States and the craziest question he has ever received regarding his underwear.


How did Le Slip Francais get started?
Le Slip Français started in 2011 on a bet. A bet with some friends that we could still, today, start a great French brand with products entirely made in France and bring underwear back in the spotlight! Underwear should be fun, basics, well fitted and part of our everyday life and Style!

What makes the underwear special?
We take great care in the fit of our products, making them great basics yet with a modern twist and try to be very creative in the patterns, the fabrics we use, the details... In France, people say they're the best in the country; let's make them the best in the world ;)

In what countries can Le Slip Francais be found?

Today le Slip Français is in France, Japan, HK, Thailand, the UK, Germany and... the US starting this month!

What is the craziest/strangest question someone has asked you about the underwear?
To show them mine, of course! I get that a LOT!


Why have you chosen LA for the first pop-up shop in the US?

Because it's the perfect ending place for our US adventure. Everybody dreams of a US road trip to California, with our #VeryLoveTrip kickstarter campaign, we made it happen! Hope to see you there, starting March 29th at 604 S. Venice Boulevard!


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