Mar 26, 2014

Five Male Models You Should Follow on Instagram

In honor of my returning to social media, I've decided...

In honor of my returning to social media, I've decided to make a master list of male models you absolutely should be following on Instagram!

5. Sean O'Pry


Why you should be following: Simple. He's the number one male model in the world! Everyone should follow his majesty purely because he is model royalty. ranked #1

Instagram: @seanopry55

4. Miles McMillan


Why you should be following: If you're interested in art and artsy photos with quirky captions, Miles is your guy! Miles documents his travels with photos from his museum visits to road trips with his friends. Miles' feed will definitely make you wish you had a classy cultured friend like him! ranked #15

Instagram: @milesmcmillan

3. Benjamin Jarvis


Why you should be following: Ben is maybe the true definition of the Euro model. I like to think he's the Cara Delevingne of male models -- sassy, edgy, comedic! Every photo Ben post looks like a GREAT time and makes you want to get out more. Not to mention his style is phenomenal! ranked #35

Instagram: @benjjarviss

2. Clark Bockelman


Why you should be following: A bit of an adventurous spirit! Clark is a true dare devil and clearly the outdoorsy type. If you're instead in an active lifestyle feed, definitely follow Clark! Skydiving, skiing, sailing, every other post in an amazing scene from 30,000 feet in the air, atop a snowy slope, or on a beautiful coast. He's a great inspiration for those looking to get movin' and stop snoozin'! The Hot List

Instagram: @clark_bockelman

1. Edward Wilding


Why you should be following: King of Instagram! Edward keeps a very well balanced stream of his work, backstage life, funny text posts, and nightlife. Truly a well rounded profile and he takes you with him every step he takes! If you want a true representation of the work and spoils of being a male model, follow Edward! ranked #30

Instagram: @edward_wilding

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