Mar 12, 2015

Istanbul's Soho House is Exactly Where We Want to Be Right Now

Take a look at the gorgeous Soho House, Istanbul's latest luxury hotel.

The thirteenth Soho House recently opened its doors in Istanbul providing another outlet for those in the arts and entertainment industry. The private members club accommodates for numerous luxuries and many benefits including access to the rooftop cocktail bar and pool, dining experience at Cecconi’s restaurant with courtyard garden, an 87-bedroom hotel, and a Cowshed gym and spa. Inside you can find an abundance of marble, modern and vintage furniture, frescoed ceilings and Greek mythology art works.

Situated within the Palazzo Corpi in Beyoğlu (which was constructed in 1882), the Istanbul Soho House is the biggest House yet, and in typical style boasts panoramic views of the beautiful city.

Soho House Istanbul 1

Soho House Istanbul 2

Soho House Istanbul 3

Soho House Istanbul 4

Soho House Istanbul 5

Soho House Istanbul 6

Soho House Istanbul 7

Soho House Istanbul

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