Feb 18, 2015

In Favor of Casual Suiting 

In Favor of Casual Suiting As my personal style evolved...









In Favor of Casual Suiting

As my personal style evolved and subtly refined over the years, suiting up has been a prevalent topic on the blog. I’ve been fighting a losing battle against close friends and acquaintances, trying to showcase the wonders of donning a suit, both in what regards aesthetic and comfort. The most common misconception when it comes to suits, is that wearing one results in a stiff appearance and utter discomfort, inappropriate for daily tasks. This generalised notion is often the result of negative past experiences with ill-fitting, poorly constructed suits, which do, in fact, translate such feelings. Thankfully, menswear has come a long way especially in ready-to-wear, meaning it’s time to drop the act and give suits a chance.

First and foremost, no other garment presents such a strong case in favor of classic men’s elegance. Independent of time and age, a proper suit has always been and will be, the epitome of class in a male wardrobe: the masculine silhouette highlighting the pros and hiding the cons, is paired with an unparalleled attention to one’s image and presentation. Wearing a suit is, in itself, a statement, especially in current days when it seems those who sport them do so out of obligation, not passion.

Furthermore, suits have been constantly evolving to adapt to the surrounding environment and lifestyle, be it through cut and fit or the myriad of available fabrics able to accommodate the most demanding customers. As such, if the mention of a bespoke linen/cashmere/wool/cotton suit doesn’t necessarily give you a rush, worry not as there are many more alternatives out there. Case in point? The ever-growing bet in casual suiting. From luxury manufacturers such as Boglioli or Zegna to upcoming labels and mass retailers, the widespread adoption of unstructured jackets, washed and technical fabrics, has paved the way for a globalised casual suiting era.

This 3-piece suit from CAMO features superb herringbone wool from Lanificio di Pray in Biella, a heavy, yet soft fabric that quickly forgets any impositions such as creases (and it is meant to do so). For me, Stefano Ughetti has been able to develop the perfect formula for casual elegance. Combining luxury fabrics with sleek silhouettes, slightly altered through shorter jackets and longer rise on the trousers, he is able to portray a polished ensemble that is not overly zealous about the suit itself.

Details: 3-piece herringbone wool suit by CAMO, herringbone topcoat by Gentleman Tailors, silk cashmere v-neck by Massimo Dutti, striped dress shirt by Ann Demeulemeester, burnished loafers by Herring Shoes, silk tie by Purificacion Garcia and pocket square by Lobo Marinho.

Ph: Filipa Alves

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