Apr 26, 2015

Your New Spring Uniform: A Henley and Jeans

Dressed to Ill shares his wardrobe basics for the season.







The expression might be “stop and smell the roses” but I’d like to revise it. With beautiful cherry blossoms abundant in Branch Brook Park in Newark, it’s hard not to stop and take a moment (stop and see the cherry blossoms?). It’s incredibly vital to love what you have, love where you live and always look for the positives. Grass will always be greener. Even crabgrass has a certain je ne sais quoi, right?

Spring indefinitely lends itself to a simpler aesthetic, namely because extra layers would be superfluous. Nevertheless, presentation can’t falter as the temperature elevates. Henleys and jeans just work for me. The handsome combo, with the colorblock top courtesy of Craft Atlantic and the jeans from G-Star Raw, are basics but are anything but. There’s an art to simplicity.

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