Mar 18, 2015

If the Shirt Fits

Dressed to Ill shares his secret to the perfect fit.






Being able to mix different pieces into different looks is paramount in creating a better wardrobe, especially when starting out. It’s always important to have those switch hitters- pieces that work dressed up or down. This jacket from Uniqlo exemplifies this. I would gladly wear this cotton knit offering with a henley as a casual spring layer. But with the tie and pocket square, it works in the formal sense. Likewise the dark selvedge jeans are ready for business casual or brunch Sundays. Ideally, no matter how casual or laced-up you are, the fit still has to be on. With that mantra in mind, I donned a plaid, cutaway shirt courtesy of Hugh and Crye. They do shirt fits in a unique way which works wonders for my build. If only I was 5’10” and 150 lbs! But with the right cut of shirt, it all works! Special thanks to Denny for the photos!

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