May 01, 2013

Wearing White Suede Derby Shoes

White bucks are a classic American shoe and a great addition to any man’s spring/summer footwear lineup.








How To Wear White Suede Bucks/Derby Shoes

Rethink White Bucks

White bucks are a classic American shoe and a great addition to any man’s spring/summer footwear lineup. Now before you go calling the menswear police on me for daring to wear them with anything other than a seersucker or linen suit, please hear me out, k? White or more technically, off-white, is a neutral color so you could easily substitute some white suede shoes for your white Vans authentics and still make it work. The suede or buckskin with the classic brick sole or even a more updated colored sole give the shoe a casual feel so you could even wear them with jeans, not to mention some colored chinos or shorts for a trad/preppy summer look. Here I chose to go the complete opposite of what most people would associate with white derby shoes, ALL BLACK ERRTHANG. (But mostly because, I don’t have a seer sucker suit sitting in my closet. Shocker.)

I really love the contrast here of the white shoes with the black clothes (thanks HOV). It really let’s the shoes stand out but also balances all the dark going on everywhere else. This season I challenge you to rethink white suede shoes and incorporate them into your outfits in some unexpected ways! And if you’re looking for a great affordable starter pair, check THESE out.

P.S. Let’s just also discuss the obvious. White shoes WILL get dirty. There’s just no avoiding it. So rather than stress, just spray them with a suede protector and go about your business. If you do get a couple scuffs, believe me when I tell you it’s a lot easier and more convenient to pay a couple bucks and drop them off at a shoe repair for cleaning. It’ll be worth your time, effort, and OCD tendencies.


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