Jan 21, 2014

A style guide on HOW TO WEAR VINTAGE

The essential 5-step guide you didn't ask for and never knew you needed.

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The essential 5-step guide you didn't ask for and never knew you needed.

This week's outfit post has me wondering—how does one go about making someone else's decades-old clothing one's own? It's not always as simple as pasting yourself on top a Tumblr graphic, so I've compiled these handy-dandy tips for wearing vintage. Harken to my wisdom!

01 Know your references (but stay true to your own style). This look perfectly speaks to my inspirations: Marcello Clerici, the protagonist of Bertolucci's The Conformist and Tuxedo Mask. The Conformist is, hands-down, my most favorite style movie of all time. It oozes style. Pungent, intoxicating, meticulous, sexy style that'll leave you with a fashion boner for years. If you haven't seen it, rent it now. And Tuxedo Mask, I mean...come on. Can't go wrong. (Actually, when I Googled Tuxedo Mask, a lot of "cos play" came up. I'd say that's where you might go wrong. So watch out for that.)

this fruit blogs

Clockwise from top-left: Me shopping vintage in Florence (this is the store in which I bought my Fendi muffler) // a still from The Conformist // Tuxedo Mask // another still from The Conformist

02 Less is more. Not to be confused with the rule below, this applies more to the actual shopping experience. You should always be on the lookout for simple, versatile pieces that you can wear in a multitude of ways. (Keep this in mind—we'll be talking about it more next week!)

03 Accessorize within an inch of your life (but then take one thing off). It's super fun to stock up on vintage pocket squares, ties, scarves, tie clips, glasses cases, hats, etc., but exercise caution. I was thinking of maybe wearing a pocket square with this look, but then realized that's the definition of trying too hard.

04 Don't be afraid to mix decades. These pants are from the eighties and I think the blue velvet jacket is too, but together they help create a look that's totes old-school glamour. Cary Grant aficionados, eat your heart out.

05 Don't be afraid to wear lady clothes. These pants are actually lady pants. High-waisted and pleated, as God intended, yet I wouldn't have found them if I didn't shop both sides of the aisle.

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