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Fruit Punch

(Clockwise from top: suit + turtleneck c/o Alder New York; ph. John Kim // Clément Chabernaud in Balenciaga; ph. Tetsuhara Kubota, styling Eugene Tong for Details // The Sartorialist // Dapper Lou // Steve McQueen)

I don't mean to toot my own taste horn, but I told you turtlenecks were going to be hot this season and—according to the moodboard I just made—they so totally are. Don't just take my word for it—Glenn O'Brien agrees! (In an article from like, 2005, but whatever.) A more recent testament to their hotness would be Details' editorial Ready To Wear, in which hottie-with-a-body Clément Chabernaud wears a Balenciaga turtleneck and makes dudes be like, "Where my manties at?" They're on the floor, drenched in sensational f*cking style, that's where they are.

What I'm trying to say is that turtlenecks are wicked sweet, even though you may think they're kinda nerdy in a Steve Jobs way—or, worse: in a Steve Jobs as played by Ashton Kutcher sort of way. Maybe you think they're stylistically on par with bellbottoms and polyester point-collared shirts, but I've got news for you: ok, 1) bellbottoms are amazing and 2) so are turtlenecks. Polyester shirts are literally the worst, so I can't fault you there. In case you still have doubts, see below for my tips on wearing your turtleneck like a pro.

Fruit Punch

Ph. McArthur Joseph // turtleneck American Apparel // sportcoat A.P.C. // pants Marc by Marc Jacobs // shoes Rachel Comey // pocket square vintage // reading Monocle

01 Turtlenecks look great with a suit/suiting elements, aka I'm telling you to wear them with a sportcoat and nice pants and not dad jeans to avoid the aforementioned Kutcher/Jobs comparisons. You're welcome.
02 Since you'll be going sans tie, consider a pocket square to snazz up your chest region.
03 I feel like keeping your color palette simple—two to three hues in the same family—is ideal, but this is just a personal preference. But, I mean, how great does the dark gray on gray with brown look? And the denim with the dark blue with the black belt? These don't even really sound like color combos, but they totally are because turtlenecks.
04 Accessorizing with Monocle magazine is just so next level.
05 That's all I got. How you feelin' about t-necks? T-nexx? #tnex #kleenex

P.S. If you like that first look from Alder New York you can shop more denim and accessories here!

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