May 01, 2014

How To Style Your Outdoor Space

Close your eyes and picture it: a soft breeze caresses...

Close your eyes and picture it: a soft breeze caresses your face underneath a straw Panama hat (definitely need one for Summer) as the condensation from your ice-cold beverage drips down the side of the glass as you lounge in a cushioned chair and the… well you get it. It’s amazing. Now open your eyes. If your outdoor space isn’t capable of providing you with this serene summer scene then it’s time to get out there and make it happen. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite outdoor trends that anyone can handle. The best part? Not only are these tips affordable (some are practically free), but they are so stylish it hurts.


Now some may already have a patio or deck or balcony ready-made for them but for those that don’t (or for those that want a stylish new one), I love the look of these concrete pavers. Their oversized dimensions ensure a flat surface for chairs, tables, and whatever else you might want to add to it as long as you take the time to stamp down your area and take the necessary steps to create a long-lasting level surface (great tutorial on The Home Depot). I can’t decide if I’m more partial to filling the gaps with gravel, sand, or ground cover since I think all three create a sharp-looking space and all are relatively easy to create.


Here is where you can really save some money. Keeping in line with the clean lines of the paver patio, I’m partial to the cinder block seating and you don’t have to be an expert DIYer to get it done. My wife and I created a bench for our balcony last year (you can find the tutorial here), but there are so many variations worth exploring.

Another affordable option are these awesome butterfly chairs which are not only comfortable and stylish with their clean lines, but easy to fold up and store away out of the sun and elements.


There are plenty of affordable outdoor lighting options now. The first that comes to mind are solar powered garden lights. These little guys will help add a little ambiance without adding digits to your electrical bill. String lights are always a great option since their relaxed nature lends themselves to an easy install and they definitely add a cozy feel to any space.

In my book, nothing beats fire when it comes to outdoor lighting. Candles are a great way to punch up the personality in an outdoor space while creating a cozy atmosphere. Fire pits are another great way to light up your patio and they provide heat for cooler summer nights. And there are plenty of rustic ways to create your own fire pit. Word of warning: be careful, it’s still fire.


Everyone knows I’m a sucker for succulents but these little guys are a great way to style any space, indoor or out. They make their argument themselves: they look amazing and add greenery without breaking the bank (or the Earth) in watering costs. Besides, no one wants to have to spend hours in the garden so these guys mean more time spent enjoying your space instead of maintaining it.

For more ideas on how to style your outdoor space (or interior space for that matter) head over to my Pinterest boards where I obsessively curate a space I could die happy in.

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