Jul 21, 2015

How to Avoid Hurting Yourself at the Gym

If you talk to any fitness professional he will tell...


If you talk to any fitness professional he will tell you that developing a nice body is not too much about how much you can lift in one day but how long you ‘stay in the game’.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to get a nice body and keep it that way? It is because you, first of all, need a lot of discipline and second because it is a long process.

Fitness pro’s number one priority is to keep a good form during trainings. Through out the years they have learned that a good amount of resistance with a very good form, works extremely better than a lot of resistance with a poor form.

It takes years to reach a level of physique where you will look your best; and when you get there, you need to keep the same intensity.

Getting injured is out of the equation for fitness pros . Any type of injury will make you stay out of the gym for at least a couple months, if not a year, depending on what the injury is.

This year one of the top fitness influencers, Lazar Angelov, had a problem with inflamed elbow tendons and that cost him many weeks away from his training routines.


Undergoing some laser treatment on my inflamed elbow tendons. I haven’t worked out only for a few weeks but it feels like a decade. Can’t wait to hit the gym again and come back stronger than before, but more time is needed.
A photo posted by Lazar Angelov (@lazar_angelov_official) on Feb 25, 2015 at 9:46am PST


#tbt I hope I get back to this shape some day! #ComeBackStronger A photo posted by Lazar Angelov (@lazar_angelov_official) on Jun 11, 2015 at 9:00am PDT

I don’t know if you remember but last year I also had an accident. I had a full pectoral tear on my left chest and I had to go through surgery. Luckily, I was insured but I still had a copay of $6.000, without insurance it would have been $40,000.00.

Staying Injury Free

So by now you must have already guessed, lifting a weight that you can’t handle is the worst thing you can do.

In my case when I torn my muscle, I was doing a bench press with 270 pounds. I was never the guy that would lift super heavy, and this mistake was very painful.

I was away from the gym for 8 months because I couldn’t hold any weight with my left arm. I was still doing some types of cardio and some legs, but it is not the same.

Your body is used to a certain kind of intensity, when you stop you will see most of your ‘gains’ going away faster than you think.

I understand that some people like to train for resistance and that’s their sport. Crossfit is trending nowadays and you can see many of their devotees in the gym.

They usually spend an hour doing deadlifts and I don’t see much of a purpose on that, other than just being able to lift heavy on that specific exercise.

The funny thing is, one of the two trainers who usually do this type of workout at the gym I go to, was walking with crutches this week because he injured his knees by overloading the deadlift bar.


I don’t have anything against the sport itself, I just don’t understand why Crossfit instructors don’t teach about proper body mechanics when lifting, and never mention the types of injuries this can cause.

What young people don’t realize is that you may not feel the consequences it today but you will surely feel it as you get older.

In a recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, researchers surveyed 132 CrossFit athletes. They found that “97 (73.5%) participants had sustained an injury that had prevented them from working, training or competing.” Of these injuries, nine required surgery. source: Stack.com

Don’t generalize though, just as in any sports there are the good and bad. I am sure there are a lot of instructors doing their job right. The point is, based on the percentage, most of them are doing it bad.

What to do:

Know your body – You never want to push your body more than its capacity. Do everything you can but smartly. By the end of the day, any wrong move can injure you, and is not worth it.

Be Flexible – Taking time to prepare for your workout is very important. Always start each body muscle training by stretching the muscle and then begin with high reps and low weights so you can feel the exercise first.

Listen to your body – If you feel muscle pain, don’t try to push through. It would be smarter to wait until you recover and then go back to it.

Always be prepared – Timing is very important for recovery. Having the right equipment at home will help you get better faster. Here is my must have list to have at home:


Most times we just don’t listen to advices and we need to put our finger inside the wall outlet to see if you will get shocked or not.

In my case, after that one single wrong movement, I will never have the same strength as before; not mentally and not physically. I always fear another injury so I keep it intense but safe.

Enjoy the journey of your body transformation and don’t try to take shortcuts. Your health is way more important than anything else.

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