Feb 24, 2014

How To Incorporate Sneakers

Are you allowed to mix formal with sneakers? In this day and age, yes.

Today is the day where I'm sort of in the middle. Do I want to be dapper or comfortable? Not to say that a dapper look is uncomfortable, but it definitely has a stuffy look to it, if we were to compare with “regular clothes”. Anyway, I chose both. My previous career(s) had always required that I wear formal shoes at least Monday-Thursday.

Are you allowed to mix formal with sneakers? In this day and age, yes. Times have changed, especially for me. I remember not owning a single pair of sneakers, except for my gym sneakers. My lifestyle didn’t require it because I had to dress up for most occasions. Here, I paired some pieces together. A wool blazer, wool pants and some socks with personality c/o Richer Poorer, and the Roshe Run Mids.

The only rule to this is to make sure your pant hem and sneaker meet. If your pants are too long, it looks weird.





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