Jan 15, 2015

How To Have Your Trip Planned For $15

Good morning, my lovely readers. Very often, I get messages...

travel advisor

Good morning, my lovely readers. Very often, I get messages from you all asking for help with trip planning. Because I only have limited time in my day between keeping the blog up and running, freelancing, tour guiding, traveling and attempting to not get evicted from my apartment, I’m not always able to be as helpful as I’d like to be, beyond a short email and blog link references.

That’s all about to change.

I’ve recently signed on to be a travel advisor with Plansify, meaning you can sign up for my travel planning services for as little as $15!

travel advisor

A partial snapshot of my Plansify profile

Some of my areas of expertise: photography, budget travel, adventure travel, career breaks, traveling with debt, solo travel, romantic travel on a budget, offbeat travel, Latin America, South Africa, New York, Western Europe, responsible tourism, North America and more. If you have another topic you’d like to explore, feel free to shoot me an email using the contact form below telling me about your situation and I’ll reply with what expertise I have in that realm.

I love helping people to go beyond their guidebooks and have memorable, authentic experiences, and would be ecstatic to help plan your next trip. The entire purpose of Jessie on a Journey is to inspire others to get out there and explore the world in a way that takes you beyond big bus tours and characterless hotels, that causes you to have an everlasting case of wanderlust you just can’t get over.

Bringing my travel advisor skills to the table can help me guide you beyond published posts and guides.

Questions? Visit my Plansify Travel Advisor Profile.

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