Jun 07, 2013

How to Grow and Style a Handlebar Moustache

While the name might make you recoil, these flamboyant designs...

While the name might make you recoil, these flamboyant designs carry an invitation card to a secret moustache club like no other. There are thousands upon thousands of men around the world who are proud to style a Handlebar Moustache; in fact, these men dare to dream big and often never consider another moustache style again, making it one of the most loyal moustache aficionado clubs in the world.


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If you think Handlebar Moustaches are limited to war heroes, or politicians past their time, think again! This is a versatile look suited for any age!

For the same reasons that some frown upon the Handlebar Moustache is the same reasons that many more covet its unique style. There is no one Handlebar Moustache, but a collection of unwittingly creative designs, which hold the power to create a modest or marvelous moustache over a few days or weeks. For some, these moustaches can become months of grooming, or a lifetime achievement. Overall, they are incredible and unique.


Photo credit: Supra Quintessential

While simple and most men can grow one, Male Standard found the patience required put many men off, which is a tremendous shame. It’s really not that hard!

What You Will Need:

A Beard Brush or Comb


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A good quality brush will add shine to your beard, and help you style it into shape each day. As you will not be cutting or trimming your beard, a brush can also help keep things in shape during the growing in phase. This will help reduce your frustration as you begin to see progress quickly. Choosing a bristle brush works on thicker facial hair. A comb will also work during the early days, but you’ll enjoy the effects of bristle. The shape stays longer this way!

Beard Wax


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While a brush can help you style a shape your Handlebar Moustache, it isn’t without some product. Depending on the length of your beard and the rate of growth and overall design, you can tweak the amount to suit. For a more refined look, use more beard wax in the tips and twist for longer. For a more casual look, apply to the entire moustache and brush into place. It can be a rewarding experience playing with different styles and shapes!

Beard Oil


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Good quality beard oil will condition your beard, and can be applied daily or weekly as needed to maintain a thick, shiny beard. As the Handlebar Moustache is long and thick, it can dry out quickly and cause uneven growth. Oil that has essential nutrients will ensure the hair remains in top condition and the oil protect. This is especially pertinent, as this is a showstopper, and not one to go half way on!

How to Style a Handlebar Moustache

For the most part, how you style your Handlebar Moustache is what is going to give it that incredible appeal.

  • Step 1: No trimming

While this sounds easy, wait until you get a bad case of itchy skin caused by growing hair. Don’t worry, this is what separates the boys from the men and will grow out after a few days. The most crucial thing is you let the hair grow in as thick as possible; styling will even everything out. This is a no scissor moustache, and will help you attain a look that is perfect for your face shape as it will naturally develop over time.


  • Step 2: Start a Brushing Regime

While you won’t be cutting your Handlebar Moustache, you will be grooming it into shape each day and training it where to set. This is what gives this style such thickness, and appeal, as the hair grows as full as possible and is then styled into place. The more growth you can manage the better. Simply invest in a quality brush and start styling it each day, or as needed, to help direct the shape of the growth.


  • Step 3: Use Wax

While the moustache is growing in, using a wax is essential, as it will help it stay in shape. After it has fully grown, you can continue to use it for its moisturizing and protective qualities. This also helps make step 4 far more effective and less labor intensive.


  • Step 4: Twist and Shape

The next step, after you have applied your beard wax, is to twist the end of the moustache into shape. This should be easy once you have it brushed and prepared with the product, and will start to move into this shape more often as it grows.


Step 5: Maintain It!

Once you have grown your Handlebar Moustache, you will be rewarded with the impossible, a beard, which is almost self-regulating. While you will want to keep up the brushing and beard wax, this style is consistent for use once you are out of the growing phase.


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Photo credit: Supra Quintessential

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know if you were thinking of trying to grow and style a Handlebar Moustache, we would love to see progress pics!

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