May 31, 2015

How to Clean Your Converse Shoes

Dirty Converse shoes got you down? The Marquis of Fashion shares a surprising trick to getting your sneakers clean again—and the secret ingredient is in your girlfriend's cabinet.


A while back I went to an Annabell Cosmetics event where hidden within the complimentary gift bag, was a full size make-up remover. The thing is completely useless to me so I chucked it under the sink where it has been abandoned… until now

The other day I wore my brand new gleaming white Converse Chuck’s to a friends house for dinner where, aside from looking casual and stylish, they were also “‘Mommy Dearest’ clean.” Dinner started with cocktails and champagne, and had a different wine for each course including dessert. Of course you can’t end dinner without an aperitif and a properly aged ice wine.

So at this point I’ve lost track of time, the number of drinks I’ve imbibed and my inhibitions. I’m an easy drunk… so at this point someone… (it could have been me) suggest that we all go out dancing. Naturally everyone was in the mood so, off we went.

There I am… dancing in the MIDDLE of the dance floor, making up words to G.D.F.R. when some guy… or girl… (or me) steps all over my shoes and pretty much completely destroys them. I don’t care about the fabric portion so much because that can be washed in the machine (just make sure you take out the laces and inserts first)… but the rubber toe cap is SO no longer virginal… In fact they look like they’ve been worn to an outdoor rock concert that should have been cancelled due to rainy inclement weather but wasn’t…. so, nasty!

Anyway I get home and look down, My shoes are pretty much write-off’s! Scuff marks for days, dirty, un-polish-able. I tried everything. Magic eraser, soap and water, goo gone… then I remembered the make-up remover! I take it out and apply a little to a puff ball (no joke I used a cotton puff ball), put some of the make-up remover on the puffy puff ball. The start to rub the white rubber toe cap and surrounding sole.

The scuffs, dirt, miscellaneous debris and filth came off in seconds! It was like one of those commercials where the guy tries everything and looks totally useless then tries the magic solution and BANG success… now picture him drunk, that was me.

Now, although you’re not supposed to clean your chucks… at least their recent “Made For You” campaign would lead you to believe that… I still prefer a shiny white rubber toe cap and sole. Call me high maintenance.

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