Sep 25, 2013

How To Charge Your Phone While Camping

So you’re going camping…for more than one night…and your car...

Power Pot So you’re going camping…for more than one night…and your car won’t be parked next to your tent this time. Way to go! But lets face the facts, your iPhone will die if you can’t plug it in every night. And as much as you’d like to think that you’ll leave your phone in your bag so you can enjoy nature uninterrupted, don’t kid yourself, nature has too many cool things that must be instagrammed and tweeted about — and that drains battery.

Enter PowerPot, a light weight and super portable thermoelectric generator that’ll charge up your USB devices just as fast a your wall outlet.

Power Pot Product Shots

Here’s how it works:

  1. You put water in the pot
  2. You heat the pot over any heat source you’d like (stove, campfire, wood stove, propane/butane canister, heck even a hot spring will do).
  3. Plug your USB chargeable devices into the adaptor.
  4. Science happens.
  5. Your phone (or your camera batteries, GoPro, GPS, or head lamp) is charged and ready to go.
  6. Time for a #campingselfie < kick that person out of your tent.

Here's a handy video to see the PowerPot in action:

But the PowerPot doesn’t just come in handy for charging your devices while camping; it could help millions of people around the world in need of electricity. Did you know that 1.6 billion people live without access to the electricity grid? And 600 million of them are cell phone users. Here’s more information from PowerPot:

“From large urban areas in countries like India, Bangladesh and Uganda that experience regular power outages, to the remote villages of Ghana, China and elsewhere, there is a growing need for reliable electricity. Conveniently, cooking over an open flame is quite common in these places. The PowerPot fits perfectly in this situation. It can be used to prepare food or hot drinks–something already performed on a daily basis–and simultaneously provide free, clean electricity.”

To learn more about how PowerPot can help people in need of electricity, click here.

Price: $169 for the PowerPot V Backpacker Bundle

Buy It Here

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