May 28, 2015

How to Add Vintage Finds to Your Wardrobe

Style blogger Ryan Rosenkilde shares a few tips for seamlessly incorporating vintage finds into your wardrobe. Rule number 1? Never underestimate the power of chinos.

Lately my wife and I have been spending a lot of time at antique shops and thrift stores and garage sales and Craigslist… Anything short of dumpster diving (not that I’m opposed to it) to fill our home with unique finds that will bring some personality to our space. Unfortunately, often when we are out perusing we end up finding all sorts of things we don’t need. This vintage tie is one of them. There was an entire rack of amazing ties and I had to keep myself from going overboard, but I figured I could get this one because you can always use another black tie, right? Plus it has a unicorn on it.

Vintage. Black. Unicorns. Enough said.

I’m a huge fan of mixing high and low pieces, meaning I love combining something like a tie and a woven with a utility jacket and some casual chinos. It’s definitely more my style than a completely buttoned up dapper look. This look also combines one of my favorite color combinations–tan and black. The combo always looks great together and it’s a good way to look pulled together without looking too polished. Sounds odd, but that’s something I always think of when putting looks together. Vintage Tie Cargo Jacket 4Vintage Tie Cargo Jacket 1Vintage Tie Cargo Jacket 3Vintage Tie Cargo Jacket 5Vintage Tie Cargo Jacket 2


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