May 10, 2015

How Often Do You Really Need to Wash Your Clothes?

How many times can you wear something before washing it? Lustin Style breaks it down, from suits and coats down to your underwear.


If you are like me then you wake up in the morning, shower, get dressed, down a cup of coffee and head out. You come back home in the evening, get undressed and throw all of your clothes in the laundry bin. Yes, I do love fresh, fluffy and perfectly ironed clothes every day. This is not only inconvenient when you realize your favorite pair of pants you were about to wear to a dinner is in the laundry, but it is also unnecessary and damaging to your clothes. In fact, too often washing shortens your clothes’ lifespan. So what is the ideal number of wearings before tossing your clothes in the washing machine or dropping it off at the dry-cleaner’s?


5 to 10 wearings before washing are ideal, but iron them if they get too wrinkled. However, if the knees get too baggy, you know it’s time to wash them.


The chunkier the sweater, the longer they can go without washing – usually 10 to 15 wearings.


Similar to jeans in terms of wrinkles and baggy knees, but 5 wearings should be a maximum.


They are usually fine for 2 wearings.


These deserve washing after each wearing.


Same as t-shirts – 1 wearing. Some men go even further to ensure they always look dapper by changing into a new shirt during the day when the pressed/ironed lines on the arms disappear.


Dry-clean them once per season only (unless they get stained). Steam them once in a while during the season, though.


Depending on the situation – some you might wear daily, some only on special occasions. The basic rule is, dry-clean them if they loose the creases or get too wrinkled.

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