Oct 27, 2014

How George Dickel Is Made

Ever wonder how that delicious delight we know as George...

How George Dickel Is Made

Ever wonder how that delicious delight we know as George Dickel is made? Well wonder no more because The Whiskey Jug has got you covered! We’ve been selected to be part of the Dickel Dirty Dozen which means we’re getting access to some exclusive content like the custom made video below where Dickel’s National Brand Ambassador, Doug Kragel (who I’ve met and is a very nice fellow), walks us through the process of making a batch of George Dickel Tennessee Whisky.

So what’d you think? Pretty neat huh? I don’t know about about you, but being a whiskey nerd I thoroughly enjoy this video. I loved seeing “where the magic happens”. Yes it was really awesome to hear the name of the blog in the intro, I won’t deny that put a huge smile on my face, but what I enjoyed the most was seeing the machinery and the distillery. It’s really amazing that they do everything there by hand. No computers or massive mechanization, just a bunch of dedicated people doing one hell of a  job.

At the end of the video you might have caught the part about a bottle being sent over to TWJ and as soon as I get it and review it I’ll link to it below, but until then I hope you enjoyed seeing how George Dickel is made as much as I did.


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