Apr 27, 2015

How to Stay Organized Like a Gentleman

We're not talking the Container Store, here.


As a man, you’ve got a lot of things to keep track of… such as your style, honor, legacy and goals. In other words, we’re talking about all the important stuff around you that makes up who you are. But how can one man possibly find a place for all this stuff? It’s all in your ability to store and organize.

A trick that looks a little something like this…


A man should have a place to keep his automobile.


Even if he has a difficult time deciding on just one.


Some men’s libraries are their escape from reality.


And as we all know… that man can never own just ‘one’ book.



An organized liquor cabinet is as important as a well stocked one.


A man’s wardrobe says a lot about him.


Immagini 127

A lot.


But the way he organizes his wardrobe… says even more.


And living on the road is never an excuse for disorganization.

modern design man castle

If a man’s home is his castle…


Then his outdoor living space should be his own universe.

Treat your stuff right… and it will be around to serve you for a very long time.

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