Jan 16, 2015

Hot to dress for a fashion show: LCM FW 15 edition

One thing many fashionistos are concerned with when it comes...

One thing many fashionistos are concerned with when it comes to their blogging career or simply to their fashionisto experience is how to dress for a fashion show. Once you receive the invitation to a fashion show, the next thing you do is ask yourself what am I going to wear?

When you are attending a fashion show, unless there is a specific dress code mentioned on the invitation, there is no clear dress code you need to follow. The unwritten rule when it comes to dressing for a fashion show is you need to be dressed for sitting in the audience, not as if you are walking down the runway.

Many fashionistos are very enthusiastic that they will be attending a fashion show and feel that they need to showcase their style to the world.

The key is to dressing well for a fashion show and still showing off your style is to maintain a balance between looking very extravagant and very, very stylish.

To demonstrate how a man should dress at a fashion show, we will take a look at some of the best street styles from this year’s London Collections: Men event that took place in early January 2015, where British and international designers showcased their collections for the fall-winter 2015-16 season.

From celebrities to PR people and bloggers, let’s take a look at a series of good examples of how you can dress the next time you are attending a fashion show:

Jack Guinness, model

Model Jack Guiness dresses up in a very sleek suit, but showcases his personality and style by using two simple fashion rules: one: a patterned suit goes well with a solid accessory (the tie) and two, that colors that are situated close to one another on the color spectrum go together well and the result will be a very harmonious combination that is pleasing to the eye. The blue and green combination is a very strong and masculine one and photographs well too.

Patrick Dunham-Roper, jewellery designer

Jewelry designer Patrick Dunham-Roper wore an impeccable suit paired with a very classic, yet very stylish bow tie. Wearing a well-tailored suit with a series of impeccable accessories is always a great thing to wear when you are attending any fashion-related event.

Teo Van Der Broeke, editor

Editor Teo Van Der Broeke wore a very casual, but nevertheless elegant outfit. The trick to make a casual outfit look elegant is too make sure that every piece is well-tailored and that you insert at least a few dressier pieces, such as Teo’s shirt.

Max Rayner, PR

PR man Max Rayner also wore a casual outfit, but, unlike Teo Van Der Broeke, who dressed up a very casual outfit, dressed down a semi-formal suit by wearing a piece of impeccable sneakers. If you want to wear sneakers with a three-piece suit, you can do that, but make sure they are absolutely impeccable.

Jim Chapman

Internet celebrity Jim Chapman dressed up in a very strong look that featured neutrals paired with a pop of blue. A white pocket square paired with a dark suit is a great way to create contrast and to draw the right kind of attention.

Chris Benns and Phil Green

Chris Benns and Phil Green were a very stylish duo when walking down the streets of the British capital. Again, the key to not looking like you are walking down the runway is to wear very stylish, but elegant pieces such as Mr Green’s three-piece suit paired with a series of colorful accessories, such as the purple tie and the wonderful golden pocket square.

Myles O’Meally, footwear developer

Footwear developer Myles O’Meally wore a great coat that featured interesting volumes, but paired it with very slim pieces to place the accent only on the jacket, which is a very runway-ready piece.

There you have it! Stylish guys, great looks, ready for a place in the audience at a runway show and not for the catwalk.

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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