Mar 23, 2014

Hong Kong – From the Water to The Peak

Between Shopping and Hiking, I Walked Hong Kong I started...


Between Shopping and Hiking, I Walked Hong Kong

I started my Hong Kong adventure with a trip to the top. The Peak is 428 meters above sea level and offers up a 360º view of Hong Kong and on a clear day you can see the neighboring peninsula of Kowloon as well. Of course before you climb up a mountain you need sustenance and therefore I grabbed a quick bite to eat at Le Port Parfume, a French restaurant near our hotel in the Central district.

After taking in the view, I took a short walk around the Peak Circle Walk where among greenery and intense city views from the top, there were beautiful mansions atop the Peak where tons of celebrities and affluent (and super rich) live. The going rate for some of the homes around the peak are in the hundreds of millions. That’s American dollars… not HK dollars. Wow.









The opulence and mega wealthy explain why the shopping scene is what it is in Hong Kong today. Huge brands like Chanel, Rolex and literally anything you could ever think of… the Hong Kong shopping scene is that of luxury beyond belief. After I took the Star Ferry across the Victorian Harbour to the Kowloon side I go to see the beautiful Heritage 1881 shopping center where a number of luxury shops were open for business.

One of the craziest things I saw this whole trip was just outside of Heritage 1881 on Canton Road. A shopping street that is home to all of the greats, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Hermes. But what really got me was the queue outside the Chanel boutique! literally it was the length of the store! Who waits for Chanel? Well I’ve been on a waiting list before but I don’t wait in line for anything not to mention a chance to see double C’s.

After an exhausting day we needed to sit down and have some dinner. Nanhai No.1 offered up some fantastic Cantonese young chicken and deep fried shredded yam. What’s more was the million dollar view. Every evening at 8:00 the buildings let loos a menagerie of lasers and lights that show off the big building’s and the magnificent city skyline. We were about on our eighth course when the city lit up and dessert was served. Day one was more amazing than I could have dreamed. But just wait until you see Day 2.











What I’m Wearing:

Zara vest
H&M white dress shirt
Joe Fresh yellow pants

Photos by Matthew St. James

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