Nov 24, 2014

Holiday Tech Guide | Five Items for the Modern Gent

Now that the costumes are now placed in the back...

Now that the costumes are now placed in the back of the closet it only means the gift giving holidays are right around the corner. Black Friday is this week and while half of us are looking forward towards stuffing our faces with turkey and macaroni, the other half of us are gearing up to stuff as many electronics and flat screen TVs inside our shopping carts. Don’t you just love the holidays?

I put together a few items that if you are like me will not only fit your lifestyle but also keep a limit on what you need versus your wants this holiday season.


Holiday season is stressful as most of us can already tell, so reducing stress should be at the top of your list. New to the market is the wearable brain-sensing, headband from InteraXon called, Muse. With just 3 minutes a day, Muse teaches you how to better manage stress and remain calm through a simple mental exercises + breathing techniques. Which can come in handy for those annoying family stories around the turkey, or for waiting in line at Target.

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Over the few months I’ve grown to be a coffee lover. Although it is true green tea is better for your health, I can’t say no to a good cup of joe. Seriously, my love for coffee has now come down to the point where I am actually starting to look for a quality coffee maker. I like the Bonavita BV1900TS. For the price, it is not the most eye-catching device for drip coffee but it is easy to clean and it maxes out at 44oz. Which is just enough for me.

One thing about flying I hate (besides TSA) is when my headphone wires get tangled in between my luggage and coat. Since I’ll be traveling this Thursday to see my family in St. Louis, Mo I will need a good pair of wireless headphones to travel with. I am considering purchasing the Tracks Air Wireless headphones by Sol Republic (above). We all know about competitors offering wireless headphones, but I can’t find it in myself to spend $380 for a pair. However, paying $200 I think I can live with that. Equipped with Motorola technology the Tracks Air Wireless offers 15 hours of battery life with a 150 feet Bluetooth range. Which is gives me enough time to get through baggage claim, on the plane, and hopefully to my family without a single recharge.

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If you are a blogger like myself or someone who loves capturing photos but hates carrying a bulky DSLR camera everywhere, this is for you. Carrying a bulky DSLR camera around with me at times can be frustrating, especially when there isn’t enough space in my bag, or if I have other items that could damage the lens. I started looking for a good medium to this issue. Through my researching I came across the Sony DSCQX100. The detachable device allows you to turn your smartphone into a DSLR substitute without losing the quality of the image. Equipped with wifi and a 3.6x f/1.8 Carl Zeiss zoom lens, the Sony DSCQX100 seems to be a worthy investment.


Since I’ll probably will be eating a lot of food during the holiday season I will need some motivation to lose the weight again. The Window Fit Band is that motivation. I’ve tried the Nike Fuelband and Jawbone Up 24 but one thing I felt it was lacking was the variety. The Microsoft Band offers the ability to work on Windows-based mobiles as well as your iPhone or Android phone, GPS tracking, monitors heart rate, UV rays while in the sun and stores your Starbucks card for easy pay. Told you I love coffee.

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