May 08, 2013

Heritage for the Home

Americana ain’t dead…yet. As seen on the streets, this look...

Americana ain’t dead…yet. As seen on the streets, this look can also be re-created in your home. But heritage doesn’t just mean taxidermy and buffalo plaid (although we do own our fair share). The key to a heritage-inspired home is to stick to a warm color palette and to incorporate items that show their age.  Oh yea, and a lot of wood. 

Below are some of our favorite finds to get you started, but make sure to check out our full collection for more ideas.


1. Native Line Wall Hangings – $380 from Native Line

2. Vintage Cowboy Print – $22 from eBay

3. Vintage Animal Horn – $125 from Etsy

4. Driftwood Burl – $95 from TRNK New York

5. Abbott Sofa – $3,950 from Jayson Home

6. Mid Century Sling Lounger – $850 from eBay

7. Winged Coffee Mug – $38 from Supermarket

8. Walnut Pallet Coasters – $30 from Supermarket

9. Buell Manufacturing Co. Tribute Blanket – $228 from Pendleton


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