Jul 13, 2015

Here’s why you should wear quality glasses frames

Wearing glasses, regardless of whether they are sunglasses or eyeglasses...

Howard sunglasses Wearing glasses, regardless of whether they are sunglasses or eyeglasses is no longer only a matter of health, but also a matter of style and comfort. This is why anyone who wants or needs to put on eyewear should look for great frames.

Luckily, these days, with the help of the Internet, the choices when it comes to frames are almost endless. The world of online shopping keeps growing and growing and the products offered by online stores are more and more interesting. In fact, many of these are either start-ups or still in a project phase. Often, you will see a developing brand project that you will really enjoy. Such a project is Eyewear retailer’s Howard Flacke, which is currently in its funding phase on Kickstarter. Their goal is to bring unique sunglasses and eyeglasses frames to the masses. Their products are made from buffalo horn, which is not only very stylish, due to its interesting patterns, but it is also lightweight, hypoallergenic and very flexible. In other words, everything you need from high-quality glasses frames. The beautiful frames will be available now through Kickstarter and we are definitely big fans of them, as the project looks amazing and it definitely has our back!

But, until then, let’s take a look at what exactly makes high-quality glasses frames and why you should invest in a special piece.




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The Caulfields by Howard Flacke Eyewear

And then, of course, there is the breaking factor: frames that are too fragile, which are usually also quite cheap, will break very easily and you will have to purchase new ones. This is why you should definitely invest in good frames. When you are shopping for new glasses, think of the cost/wear ratio. The cost/wear ratio refers to what it actually costs to wear something such as glasses in our case, each time you put it on. For example, if you are buying glasses frames that cost $35, but you only get to wear them about 10 times before they tear, the cost/wear ratio is $3.5 (25/10). However, if you invest in $125 frames, but wear them at least 500 times, the cost/wear is $0.25 (125/500), which means that the more expensive, but more qualitative frames are in actuality worth more than a cheaper version.One of the main reasons why you should wear frames that have a high degree of quality is because quality frames are usually stronger than poor-quality frames. Strong frames will last longer and will have a better endurance not only in a situation where they might break, such as, let’s say if you were to accidentally sit on them, but also when it comes to the daily use – if you are a person who uses glasses only when reading, writing, watching TV, you are probably opening and closing your frames multiple times a day. Doing this a lot might damage your frames in time and make them weaker. Weaker frames are bad not only because they are very likely to break, but also because, given that they are not very stable anymore, you will need to place them in a different way on your face. Doing this might damage your sight, as, when you get glasses, the lenses are installed on them according to the way the frames initially sit, so wearing them differently can cause some sight problems.




glasses Investing in high-quality frames will not only save you money, but it will also add a lot of style to your look. Eye- and sunglasses that are on the cheap side are usually made after standardized designs that won’t add much to your style. However, eyewear that has a better quality is usually created in such a way that it is made to go well with the human traits. This might sound odd, but the right pair of glasses has the ability make you look better than you would look without glasses. Some people simply look better with glasses. As you know, many celebrities wear interesting glasses from time to time. The reason for this is that they know that glasses can add personality to your look and make you look more memorable and even more attractive.




Sunglasses Not only do high-quality glasses add flair to your look, but they also impact your health. First of all, wearing the wrong materials can cause rashes, allergies and sometimes even burns. This is why it is important to buy glasses that are made from metals that have been treated with care or from high-quality plastic. Yes, there is such thing as high-quality plastic.

Maybe you even want to invest in something more special and more different. Many people these days invest in wooden sunglasses or in glasses that are made from other unconventional materials. As we said earlier, Howard Flacke’s project aims to bring frames made from genuine buffalo horn to the masses, which is an incredible idea.

Moreover, quality frames will feel more comfortable than bad frames and there is no need to elaborate here. Who would want to wear something that feels extremely uncomfortable on their face all day long?


Purchasing a good pair of glasses is going to make you be both healthier and very stylish, which is why you should not ignore the three factors mentioned. Investing in your health and style is crucial if you want to have a good attitude and a strong presence wherever you go.



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