Jul 15, 2014

Here’s why you should use money clips (B)

Men’s money clips make great alternatives to traditional wallets. Even...

Men’s money clips make great alternatives to traditional wallets. Even though wallets come in all shapes and sizes, money clips are a great way to carry just your money as they are lightweight and minimal.



Discovery stainless with black enamel inlay money clip from M-Clip

The Discovery stainless with black enamel inlay money clip from M-Clip

Money clips appeared a few hundred years ago, but they became popular once banknotes became more frequently used. Before that, people used purses and wallets to transfer money, which mostly existed in the form of coins.

It was the 1800s when paper money came into fashion, but it wasn’t until the 1900s when money clips became a trend and were mostly used by men. Of course, in the beginning they were considered a luxury good among the upper middle class and the upper class. And because the beginning of the 20th century was all about appearances, money clips were also used to show off wealth in the most obvious way possible. Today, money clips are a luxury anyone can afford and we believe that they are something in which it is worth to invest.


Why use money clips?

red money clip Discovery Money clips are appropriate for men (and women) of any kind: younger or older, blue collar or white collar, we think everyone should benefit from the advantages a money clip has to offer. Money clips come in various shapes, sizes and styles and fit any taste, preference and budget. To offer you an example, M-Clip is a brand that offers amazing money clips catering to any taste and style. They have been developing high-quality money clips (and then extended to cufflinks, key chains and tie clips as well) for ten years and currently offer a wide range of fantastic pieces, made from strong materials such as stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum. To decorate the clips, they are making use of materials such as genuine alligator leather, gold, a variety of wood types, Balinisian mother of pearl and even abalone. For their more colorful designs, they have partnered up with craftsmen who provide them with a unique line of bright and energetic prints.

We believe that money clips should be used, and this might sound weird, especially by people who carry George Costanza-like wallets. The reason why we say this is because most people who carry whole dictionaries in their wallets don’t actually need all of those things. A stuffed wallet is like the home of a hoarder and the perfect therapy is to really see whether you really need all those things you carry around.

Of course, some of them might be useful can really fall in the you don’t know when you need it category. These items should be carried either in a bag’s pocket, in a wallet that you keep in your briefcase or in your nearby car. A money clip does not need to replace your wallet, it can supplement it. Keep your wallet in your briefcase or bag and carry the money clip with you. This way, you will have just your essentials with you and you will be able to keep track easily of how much you still have.

Money clips are not only practical items, they are also fashionable pieces. A money clip is a very sharp accessory, which indicates a man who enjoys precision and clarity. The man who makes use of a money clip does not need to search for anything, he has it right there.

There are many more reasons why we like money clips, though.

As we have already said, money clips are very compact and light. We know that your wallet is not necessarily heavy, but it has a shape that can sometimes change the look of your pants. Men who wear quite tight pants will often experience their wallets being very visible in their pockets, which is not the most aesthetic and subtle thing or even get marks on their pants because of a square wallet. A money clip can easily change all that.

Moreover, many men worry that they won’t be able to carry enough money with them should they opt for a money clip. To clarify, we can tell you that a money clip can carry up to 20 bills. And, if you need to carry a lot of money, you can have big bills with you. For example, 20 $100 bills mean 2,000 dollars, and if you live in the Euro-zone, you can even carry 20 500 Euros bills, meaning that you will be carrying 10 000 Euros with you (and you can replace them with new ones every day). M-Clip, the brand we mentioned earlier, developed a product called “The High Roller” that allows you to carry up to 150 bills or the equivalent combination of cash and cards. You do the maths there.



The Herringbone money clip by M-Clip features a soft yet strong design and a subtle color combination



The New York money clip by M-Clip

So, even though a money clip might seem too small and not enough to carry your cards and money, they actually can provide you with more room that you might think.

On a side note, we need to say that we don’t recommend using money clips if you are carrying large amounts of money. Taking out big sums can attract the wrong kind of attention and you don’t want that. Big money is supposed to be kept in a wallet or on a bank card.

Another thing you need to look out for when using money clips is whether the money clip you are handling has magnets. If it has magnets, we don’t recommend that you keep bank cards or other similar things in it, as they might break due to the magnets’ interference. This should not be something to worry about though, as there are other money clips styles available as well, such as metal or carbon fiber money clips.


It might be hard to choose one money clip with so many available styles out there, which is why we recommend that you get several clips, each to match a certain part of your life.


Using a money clip can change the way in which you handle your possessions and can make you more organized.  Money clips can also make great gifts, as they are both useful and elegant and most money clips can be easily engraved with symbols, letters or numbers to give them a personal touch.


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