Jul 03, 2014

Helly Hansen Gone On My Catwalk App

If sunshine, fresh air and nature aren’t enough to get...


If sunshine, fresh air and nature aren’t enough to get you outside, Helly Hansen has created an app that rewards you for doing nothing more than stepping out and enjoying the elements. Just don’t forget to download the app to your phone before you’re one-on-one with nature.

The Gone On My Catwalk app documents how much time you’ve spent in the great outdoors and rewards you with their sweet gear and other prizes. Across North America, the U.K. and Scandinavia, Helly Hansen has hidden prizes in popular training spots, find yourself in the right spot and the app will alert you to it. Rack up 20 hours and there is also a reward that will likely include either HH gear or a coupon code to aid my Helly Hansen addiction. Want in on the weekly photo contest and you’ll have to snap a selfie or nature photograph- proving you made it past your front door and showing off your mad photography skills.

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