Jun 20, 2014

Harley Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle

Harley Davidson, who is known for its rumbling bikes appears...


Harley Davidson, who is known for its rumbling bikes appears to be shifting gears (pun intended). Electric vehicles are our future (like it or not), so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Harley is starting to gently test the waters with what is currently being called the Livewire. To the most hardcore Harley fans, the water is going to feel mighty frigid with this first effort. While it may find its way to 60 mph in less than four seconds, thanks to a 74 horsepower and 52 lb-ft of torque electric motor, its top speed will only offer 92 mph. There is also the problem that a single charge will only give the Livewire about 53 miles of go-time. However, Harley may not be real concerned with the bike’s acceptance from the die hard Harley fans, because they aren’t really who they need to impress.


The surveys are in, and today’s generation could care less about fast sportscars or snarling hogs. All they care about is their tech gadgets. Many teenagers are not even getting their driver’s licenses, because… well, they don’t need them. They have all the freedom they require in their smartphone, Amazon account, and (electric propelled) bus pass. With an upcoming generation like this quickly coming up in their rear view mirror, Harley needs to whip up some technology to interest these future Harley owners. To accomplish the task, the Livewire has been completely modernized to appear like something in a Batman film. It is sleek, aerodynamic, hip, and will most likely (if they know what’s good for them) play friendly with all your mobile tech devices.

The Livewire is slated to be unveiled in 2016, and in the meantime, its list of specs will likely dribble out of Harley Davidson’s doors in the attempt to get us excited about this future. So tell us… are you excited?

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