Jan 20, 2014


From time to time we like to stretch the boundaries...

Hardy Amies

From time to time we like to stretch the boundaries a little and present a name that we have either just discovered or one that is more established, but hasn’t been given the attention it probably should have.  Hardy Amies falls into the later category.

Derived from Sir Hardy in the 1960′s Hardy Amies has roots in London’s Savile Row and is credited with the revolution of menswear in London by offering ready-to-wear pieces that were made available to all classes.

Sir Hardy coined the iconic phrase “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and forgotten all about them.” 

That same mindset is evident in the Spring 2014 collection.  The collection is described as a dynamic mix of dressy and casual, metropolitan and casual as well as technology and craftsmanship.  Pieces included Glencheck checkered suits, classic and modern elements are brought to traditional outerwear.

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