Feb 14, 2014

Handstands International – 4 Must-Visit Destinations

If it’s one thing I am passionate about, its international...

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If it’s one thing I am passionate about, its international travel. I’ve always loved visiting other countries, meeting new people, and authentically soaking up local culture at any destination. I started a facebook album a few years back titled Handstands Around the World, which is exactly what it sounds like. I have painstakingly narrowed down it down my top 4 must-visit destinations and sincerely hope you will put them on your bucket list! I haven’t visited Guinness Storehouse yet, but that may change very soon. Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see a sample of my handstands international or see the full album by friending me on facebook!

South Andros, Bahamas

Style Essential: Swim Shorts

Pristine waters that fade from aquamarine to rich royal blue, this remote island in The Bahamas is the largest island geographically. One of the natural must-see wonders of this island is its extensive system of underwater caves called, Blue Holes, which attract tourists from all around the world to dive, fish and snorkel. There are guided tours available if you’re into that sort of thing. I like Andros to relax because its quiet and remote. BYOL (bring your own liquor) if you’d like to partake in some libations because you’ll be SOL trying to find a B-A-R.


The French Riviera

Style Essential: Blazer

Never knew what all the hype was about until I actually visited the 3 main cities of the French Riviera, Cannes, Nice, and Monaco. Unlike the other popular city in France, the people here are actually very laid back, accommodating, and well, nice. The metro is definitely the easiest way to travel up and down the coastline and you have great views as well. If you’re grabbing a quick bite, going shopping, or headed to the beach walk down Masenas Square, where you will enjoy all of the above. I got the scoop there on where to party as well! Cha Ching! The world famous city of Cannes, most popular for the film festival, is a great place to visit as well. Jam-packed with restaurants, bars, lounges, night clubs, and shops you can find your hearts desire here. Monaco and Monte Carlo, well let’s just say its nice to visit. I figured I may be a little out of my price range when getting off the train 2 Maserati’s pass while a helicopter took off from private yacht. However, The Grand Casino in Monte Carlo is a must see, I had a scotch and gambled a few Euros.



Style Essential: Pullover

One of the most breathtaking places on earth. While Zurich and Lucern are great places, the Swiss Alps took the cake. Surrounded by lush, green terrain and snow capped mountains the air up there is the freshest you will ever breathe. Eat at the hexagonally shaped aluminum restaurant 8700ft in the air called, The Gipfelrestaurant (The Summit) The food is actually good.

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Style Essential: Sunglasses

Where do I begin with my love affair with this country. So much history, such great people, non-stop parties and no shortage of ZARA. My favorite city in Spain is Barcelona, with Valencia coming in a close second place. I can be persuaded for the second place, if someone presents a compelling argument, complete with plane tickets and accommodations. My last trip I spent most of my time in Valencia. It’s a small city with a lot of personality! Needless to say you must visit the City of Arts and Sciences.

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Handstands International

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